Enjoy “The cherry”!

Enjoy “The cherry”!

On Tuesday 13th June 2017, an event and product presentation Cherries took place in Matdistriktet restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden.

The event was implemented within the framework of the European program ”The cherry” for the promotion of European cherries from Greece and Bulgaria. Campaign is co-funded by the European Union, Greece and Bulgaria.

The event was supported by the main actors of the program, from Greece Mr. Demetrios Douros, representative of the cooperative ”cherries Rachis” member of the Agricultural Cooperative of ASOP EPISKOPIS Naoussa and Mrs. Marianna Miltenova, coordinator of the Bulgarian National Horticultural Union.

During the event, nutritionist David Jonsoon analyzed the nutritional value of cherries and especially of cherries produced in southern Europe.

The attendees enjoyed a pleasant break and mood, and then discussed with suppliers the prospect of network development in the Swedish market.


Regarding Asop Episkopis

NT8A3094The Group of Fruit Cooperatives is consisted by 7 Cooperatives leaded by ASOP Episkopis, Naoussa, Imathia. All Cooperatives are based in Central Macedonia and specifically in Imathia, Pella and Pieria the three main cherry producing areas in Greece.

Short description, production and export data of each Cooperative are presented on the following pages.

ASOP Episkopis is a primary Cooperative Organization established by farmers’ members of the primary Cooperative under the trade name ”Agricultural Credit Cooperative of Episkopi” which was founded in 1924. In 1987 it was renamed to its current trade name, under which it has been pre-identified as Farmer’s Group under the regulations (EC) 2200/96 & 1432/03 for the category ”Fruits and Vegetables”. Today the cooperative has 500 members – farmers, and it collects more than 15000 tons of fresh fruits annually.


Regarding BNHU

The National Union of gardeners in Bulgaria (NSGB) http://www.bnhu.bg/) was established in May 2003 as a nonprofit organization. Currently, the majority of the members of NSGB are major manufacturers of traditional and non-traditional country vegetables. One of the main objectives of the Union is to promote export growth and increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian fruits, vegetables and flowers in international markets.

Most of the members are major producers of traditional and non-traditional vegetables in the country, which are delivered to international chains hyper- and supermarket chains such as ”Metro”, ”Billa” and ”Hit” and local chains ”Fantastico”, ”Family ”and” Piccadilly ”oriented for export or for companies processors.

Approximately 40% of the members are producers of fruits managing the fruit plantations.

Union’s main goal is to expand exports and reinforce the competitiveness of the Bulgarian-produced fruits, vegetables and flowers in throughout the international markets.

For more information please visit www.thecherry.eu.

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Enjoy “The cherry”!
Enjoy “The cherry”!
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